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The Holy Trinity comprises the Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. The attribute of the Father is Intelligence. The attribute of the Mother is Substance. The attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is Energy. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is. The Mother Holds the Father in her bosom.

The entirety of Creation is based on three simple rules. The rules are embodied in three simple constructs. A circle represents Intelligence of the Father. A cube represents the Substance of the Mother. And a straight line represents the Energy of the Only Begotten Son/daughter. the electromagnetic equivalents are: Intelligence - red, Energy - blue, and Substance - yellow.   Look lazy eyed at the logo below for a few seconds. The colours will start to interact according to their principles





These three simple rules are the basic building block of the Intelligent Design by which The Holy Trinity has blueprinted and expressed all of Creation. The principle of Father Mother Son/Daughter comprises The Holy Trinity as their Inner Being.  Creation comprises their outer bodily manifestation.

The embodiment of the three rules as the Cube and Sphere embodiment, is the basic cornerstone of the Intelligent Design. All creative endeavours, including are a result of the same principles in consciousness. 'In our image and likeness made we them'. At the lowest level, your body Substance (Mother Principle) holds your Intelligence (Father Principle) in its bosom. The interaction between the two produces your Energy. The three acting together as a Triune action as you walk about comprises your consciousness.

The entirety of the Intelligent Design by which all Creation has been blueprinted and expressed, plus what's gone on, what is currently going on, and what will be going on around you is now revealed in 'The Revelatorium'.


For more details see: The Revelatorium


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