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Throughout the Universe of Universes the 'Creators' are known as Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother. Alpha and Omega are eighteenth dimensional.

Man calls the Creators 'God'. God is the greater faith of Mankind looking towards the Creators Alpha and Omega.

Man also calls the Creators the Holy Trinity.  In reality the terms Alpha and Omega, the Creators, and the Holy Trinity are interchangeable.

The Holy Trinity are our Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and our Mother.  'As above so below'. 

The attribute of our Father is Intelligence, the attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is Energy, the attribute of our Mother is Substance. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

The attributes of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance can be permuted seven different ways. The seven permutations are: 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Substance/Energy (Expansion), 5. Intelligence/Substance (Perfection), 6. Intelligence/Energy (Creation), and 7. Intelligence/Energy/Substance  (Completion, pure Triune Being, the day of rest).

The permutations are called the 'Seven Days of Creation', also called Dimensions.

In their whole dimensionality Alpha and Omega are eighteenth dimensional. In the eighteenth dimension they are the original Great Even Pool of Darkness. In their fifteenth dimensionality they are the Holy Trinity. In their fourteenth dimensionality they are a vast living Cube and Sphere projection called the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega. In their thirteenth dimensionality and below they are Creation. 

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the largest living Atom in Creation. The Cube and Sphere was also the progenitor mould for all  living Soul Atoms which have been projected into Creation.

The Cube and Sphere is the interface between the higher 'internalized' frequencies of the Creators as the Holy Trinity and frequencies above, and their lower 'externalized' frequencies as the fourteenth dimension and Creation below. Through the intermediary of their Cube and Sphere projection, the whole of Creation has been expressed.

Around the Cube and Sphere exists the Island of Paradise. The Island of Paradise comprises the thirteenth dimension. Around the Island of Paradise exists the Inner Creation. Around the Inner Creation exists the Outer Creation. We are in the Outer Creation.

The Inner Creation was completed long ago and is much smaller than the Outer Creation. The Outer Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy.

Paradise is the highest dimension of the Inner Creation. The Inner Creation is the thirteenth dimension to the ninth. The Outer Creation is the seventh dimension to the first. The eighth dimension is a vast void, whose purpose is the frequency transmutation of Soul Atoms passing from the Inner Creation to the Outer and visa versa.

The whole Creation is the fourteenth dimension to the first.

The Outer Creation is  comprised of seven great Super Universe bubbles. The seven great Super Universes are based on the Seven Days of Creation. Each of the seven Super Universes reflects one of the dimensions as its primary attribute. Each Super Universe is fully triune but biased on the side of its attribute.

The attributions follow in the same order as the dimensions. The first Super Universe is biased on the side of Intelligence, the second on the side of Energy, the third Substance, and so on. The seventh Super Universe is Intelligence/Energy/Substance, pure Triune. We are in the Seventh Super Universe.

Urversa is the administrative center of the Seventh Super Universe. Nirvana is a satellite of Urversa. Nirvana is the portal to the eight dimensional void for transition to the Inner Creation for all Ascendant Beings in this Super Universe. The Ascendancy are also called the Evolution.

The bottom line of the Outer Creation is the fifth dimension. Within the perfection of the fifth dimension the Ascendancy begins their journey to become Trinitized at the feet of the Creators in Paradise, and the administrative Descendancy work at lowest light. The third dimensional population of Earth is an aberration, ill consequent of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus.

The seventh dimension is the main stay of the Outer Creation.

The character of the third dimension is Substance. Consciousnesses projected into the third dimension are unable to distinguish between the first dimension of Intelligence, the second dimension of Energy, and the third dimension of Substance. For convenience, the first three dimensions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are collectively called the third dimension.

The character of the fourth dimension is expansion where the aspects of all seven dimensions are represented as distinct sub octaves or Energy transitions. All seven dimensions are also represented within each of the seven sub octaves as levels. There are seven times seven equals forty nine different Energy levels of the fourth dimension, called by Mankind the astral planes or astral states.

In reflection of the forty nine astral planes of the fourth dimension, the United States of America was founded on the spiritual principle of forty eight states, plus Alaska at the top above the forty ninth parallel for a total of forty nine states. The fiftieth state of Hawaii is a misanthrope bearing no relationship to Reality.

The seven Super Universes of the Outer Creation are all seven dimensional following in the same rule as the Seven Days of Creation. The consciousness of everyone in the Outer Creation is also seven dimensional, following in the same order of rule for being of the same principle in kind.

Within your Earth plane materiality you have five lower outer senses and one hundred and five higher inner senses. Ordinary light is visible through your outer senses, auric light is visible through your higher senses.

The extension of your matrixes can be seen by the higher sense awareness of others as your auric field. The ten basic frequencies of the aura are:

White - endeavour to spiritually perfect 'man/body/mind/soul',
Yellow - protect 'man/body/mind/soul',
Orange - serve 'man/body/mind/soul',
Red - strengthen 'man/body/mind/soul',
Violet - understand and teach 'man/body/mind/soul',
Blue - you are of Christ 'man/body/mind/soul' nature of being,
Green - be at peace with 'man/body/mind/soul',
Brown - comfort 'man/body/mind/soul',
Grey - do not afflict 'man/body/mind/soul',
Black - do not destroy 'man/body/mind/soul'.

The auric fields of Humanitarians are mostly static free. The auric fields of despots are static imposed. Once your outer consciousness comes into alignment with your inner consciousness as to become harmonious to the Creators, you are transfigured.

Ordinary visible light re-appears in narrow bands at higher and higher frequencies like the notes of a musical scale. The societal materializations of Creation exist only within the bands of visible light.

The octaves of visible light in which the societal materializations of Creation exist are the fifth dimension, seventh dimension, ninth dimension, eleventh dimension, and thirteenth dimension. Societal materializations can also exist temporarily in the third dimensional band of visibility as aberrations, such as on Earth, called time lines.

Very, very few such third dimensional time line materializations exist. All such third dimensional time line materializations are miscreants, temporary aberrances which stemmed from Lucifer's Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. Becoming  renovated in the all encompassing inter-dimensional activity known as Armageddon, already well underway.

The fifth and seventh dimensional octaves of materialization are the mainstays of the Outer Creation.

The ninth and eleventh dimensional octaves of materialization are the mainstays of the Inner Creation.

The thirteenth dimensional octave of materialization is the Island of Paradise.

The five states of Being of Alpha and Omega above Paradise are: 18. Silent Beings of Alpha and Omega, 17. Being of Alpha unaware of Omega and Being of Omega unaware of Alpha. 16. Being of Alpha and Being of Omega in recognition of each other. 15. Holy Trinity Being of Alpha and Omega, 14. Living Atom Cube and Sphere Being of Alpha and Omega.

Creation is the state of Being of Alpha and Omega below the Cube and Sphere.

The thirteen states of consciousness relating to the thirteen dimensions under the Cube and Sphere are: 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Expansion, 5. Perfection, 6. Creation, 7. Completion, 8. Balance, 9. Harmony, 10. Progression, 11. Wisdom, 12. Fulfillment, and 13. Understanding.

The eleventh state of consciousness is the full Triune state Knowing 'of'' the Creators. The thirteenth state of consciousness is the full Triune state of Knowing 'with' the Creators.

'Get thee Wisdom, but above all get thee Understanding'.


Why there are eighteen dimensions? See: The Revelatorium

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