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By direct inner dimensional link, Co-Creative plans are passed down from the Creators to the Creator Son/Daughters projected in their Local Universes.

From the Creator Son/Daughters, the information is passed down through the sixth dimensionality of the Local Universe to the three Voronandek Son/Daughter Triumvants at the center of galaxies. From the Triumvants they are passed down to the first level Lanonandek Son/Daughters in the fifth dimension who administer the various local Solar Sector groups within the galaxy under their command.

From the Lanonandek Son/Daughters the instructions are passed down to second-level fifth dimensional Lanonandek Son/Daughters who are the Planetary Princes of the Planets within the solar systems of the local command.

The Planetary Princes are not the Triune Male/Female Soul Mate Atom/Atums through the eight dimension portal whose visible presence is seen and called Planets as their outer projections. Planetary Princes are Dispensary Soul Atom/Atums who have come into a Local Universe through the action of the Father Melchizedek of the Local Universe involved. Who are assigned to their postings under the administrative directions of the Local first level Solar Sector Lanonandek.

The Planetary Princes normally administer the populous affairs of a Planet at its fifth dimensional level. On Earth an aberrant third dimensional population has also come into manifestation.

Because free will is a given right of all consciousnesses in all frequencies of all of Creation, a slight uncertainty exists in the handling of the through-puts in which not all outcomes can be predicted with absolute certainty, not even to the highest of the Co-Creative engineers. Some conduct anomalies in the lower administrative chains of command can and do sometimes occur.

Free Will means 'Will which is free of condition or constraint', allowing a Soul Atom freedom to choose to want to undertake their responsibility to the Creators without inhibition or restraint.

The question why would the Creators have found it necessary to give Free Will to any Soul Atom in Creation is raised, even for such as Creator Son/Daughters. The answer is a cosmic truism. By wanting to undertake their responsibilities by Desire instead of having to do it by decree, the proper balance of Will and Desire is present behind every creative project undertaken by any Soul Atom anywhere in Creation sufficient to insure that enough Energy is provided to move the task at hand through to proper completion according to the original creative mandate.

Energy was brought into being by the Creators as the active means for expressing their Will and Desire into Action. By letting Soul Atoms want to do something in accordance with how they see fit to do it, and decide to do it with sincerity rather than by automated duty response, proper alignment is made within the cross motivational aspects of their square of consciousnesses.

Will and Desire in proper balance of motivation and responsibility then underlies their actions. Energy is properly ensued to complete the project to conclusion in complete accordance with Alpha and Omega's original creative plan for expansion, regardless of how great or how small the current project may be.

The Luciferions tried to take Free Will one step further by adding the negative connotation that Free Will meant 'responsible to no one but one's outer self. When Free Will is oriented towards self rather than to the Creators, considerable discord arises because the Energies flow in reverse.



For more about the laws of Creation see: The Revelatorium


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