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Universally, the Law of One is manifested in all consciousnesses in all frequencies according to the Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek is the highest frequency of consciousness in Creation. The consciousness embodies the full Creative Order being undertaken by the Creators according to their plan.

The order is not as in a group, society, or individual, but is as in, 'conduct most beatific', as in 'The super high frequency motivation to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed'. Melchizedek consciousness is the voice of Christ.

All Descendants are Christ Beings. All accomplished Ascendants are Christ Beings. All Christ Beings are Melchizedek in frequency. 'I sware and will not repent, Christ is forever a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek'. Clearly then, the 'Order of Melchizedek' is not an Earth order.

The motivation stems from the original unification motive of the Creators, passed on as the motivation which enables all Soul Atoms of Creation to uphold the Will and Desire of the Creators in total loving Co-Creative responsibility. It is the motivation by which all local Creations are blueprinted and the motivation by which the blueprints are implemented and put into practice.

Melchizedek Beings on the other hand are a special dispensation of Descending Christ Beings, called Melchizedeks because of the pure dispensated level of the Melchizedek Principle they embody. When necessary, some will project into the blueprinted creations as site engineers to assure all goes well in the setting up of the blueprints and supervising their unfoldment according to the plan.

Melchizedek engineers under Father Melchizedeks design, implement, and operate the blueprints creating the different frameworks in which the different histories of the different Souls groups within the differing Local Universes will unfold in accordance with the master plan of the respective Creative Son/Daughters. More specifically related to the Ascendancy.

When working in a third and fourth dimensional time line condition if necessary, a Melchizedek will work from the fifth dimension by projecting an Ovarian Soul Atom or Soul Atum into the consciousnesses of responsible hosts in the third dimension for periods of time. At any given time, only twelve Melchizedeks would be present on a particular Planet.

A Melchizedek teaching was set up at the time of Abraham, proper higher consciousness awareness all but forsaken at the time. This time, the teacher, a Melchizedek Being, in the Old Testament called the Melchizedek King, was granted special dispensation to form an Earth plane bodily projection outside of both the normal Melchizedek method of working from host, and outside of the normal incarnating birth processes within the Earth plane time line condition.

For having tele-projected into the time line out of sorts, this particular Melchizedek Being has been permanently reconfigured on a positive basis as a regularly incarnating individual within the Ascending evolutionary experience. The action is unique. Never before has such happened in all the annuls of Creation, ingredient for things to come.

The Melchizedek teachings eventually spread across the mountains into India and China. In the Old Testament, the Melchizedek King rode beside Abraham on the field of battle, helped him win his battles by teaching higher spiritual interventions, and collected ten percent of the spoils as tithe.

In the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures, Krishna rode beside Arjuna in the field of battle, helped him win his battles by teaching him higher spiritual interventions, and collected ten percent of the spoils. Similar storied remnants remain in the earliest of the Chinese teachings leading eventually to the Taoist philosophies.

There are now well over twenty-five hundred Melchizedek Groups and Orders around the Planet. All are Earth orders from religious precept save one.

The Melchizedek tithe of ten percent is a universal principle. In principle, the Creators have built their entire Creation from the ten percent which has been given back freely through tithing for Creative expansion at the levels of materialization.


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For more details see: The Revelatorium


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